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Training to Succeed

​This is the most comprehensive training you can find

Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Equipment and Spray Guns


You Will Gain:


  • A thorough knowledge of the equipment and guns before you spray any coating.

  • An understanding of how to troubleshoot so that you can concentrate on spraying applications.

  • An understanding of how to set the spraying parameters, temperatures and pressures before you spray.

  • Knowledge of how to install the correct modules or mixing chambers in the gun before you spray.

  • Knowledge about critical backup parts to help maintain the equipment.

  • An understanding of what to do when something goes wrong.


Equipment & Coatings Technologies (ECT) Is the Training Source


  • We offer large or small classes, anywhere.

  • Limit unnecessary troubleshooting and technical calls.

  • Customers get all the training that they need.

  • Training specialists gives distributors time to conduct normal business.

  • Help prevent bad applications on the job.

  • Raw material suppliers can sponsor down-line training of their customers.

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