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Time is Money and Money is Time.

There can still be situations when the Contractor or applicator can get into a real; "over there head", situation; this could be an application to a weird substrate or a real break down in the trouble shooting of the equipment and most company's shut down after 5:00 PM. Well there is still another option for you and that is; contact your consultant. They are only a few but have been in the industry for many years with a very vast past experience of problems that you may not have encountered before. This is where that one call to a real professional consultant may be able to work you through your problem at what ever hour of the day or night. Usually this quick resolution of the problem will save you a much larger expense of costly down time and or a tear off and re do. Remember Time is Money and Money is Time. There are only a few real consultants in this country that know this business as it is!


Consulting Services
  • Engineer and Fabricate Custom accessories or equipment

  • Modify equipment for specific applications

  • Modify and upgrade present equipment and guns

  • Develope written procedures for applications

  • Training from individual to large classes

  • On site for trouble shooting and solutions

  • Phone any hour trouble shooting

  • Serve on Technical Committees writing papers

  • Sell and supply Plural component application equipment and parts

  • Special types of Formulations from Foam to Polyurea

  • Serve as a professional Witness

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