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ECT Driver Pump

2 CDS Manual

Now taking orders and shipping our newest model.

New features:

  • Portable with hose rack, able to roll in and out of your rig and just lag to the wall.

  • The most on Ratio and variable ratio capabilities of any other Proportioner or meter!


Equipment and Coatings Technologies of Renton Washington introduces "Driver Pump Technology" in an advanced meter (or proportioner). This modular technology will be contractor-preferred equipment for the following reasons:


  • There are only two pressure pumps at the drums to feed the components to the gun

  • There is no extra maintenance because there is no material supply package, and no transfer pumps. This saves $3 – 4k in equipment costs.

  • The meter has dual cycle counters at each pump to monitor the volume of material as it comes out of each drum.

  • A special ball check system assures component flow.

  • The meter or proportioner operates on ratio more often than most other equipment because of the monitoring setup.

  • The pumps are hydraulic reciprocating pumps with a 4” stroke supplying 2.5 gpm each with a combined 5 gpm output at up to 3500 psi.

  • This modular meter component technology is portable and easy to maneuver into any area.

  • The meter is easy to operate and maintain with no complicated electronics; it is simple and user friendly for the contractor.

  • The equipment is designed with less flow restriction and fewer pressure drops or losses than other meter setups, leading to higher pressure throughput!

  • Parts are readily available and rebuilding a pump is a snap, this saves thousands in maintenance and down time

  • This equipment is priced thousands of dollars below any comparable equipment.

  • There is an optional hydraulic drum mixer for the coatings industry that runs off the same power pack.

  • You can easily mount any of the modular components remotely in your rig, or you can wall mount the pumps.

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